About Us

In 2010, we came together to support and encourage each other in our secret passion to use the written word to express ourselves. and to authenticate our teaching.  Two years into our monthly meetings, we created this blog so that we could have an audience which would help us take ourselves more seriously.  We write about anything and everything. For the most part, we write to clarify our own thinking, but we always hope that our words resonate with someone out there.  We hope to encourage, uplift and amuse all of the readers who stumble upon this space.

We are:

Andrea Greene is a transplanted Texan, mother of four beautiful children, wife of an awesome husband, grandmother to the world's most adorable baby, an introspective essayist and a lover of life. One of her greatest joys is sharing stories and all kinds of writing with children to encourage and support them as they write their lives. She writes about everything from faith to family to friends.  She daydreams about making a mark on the world with inspiring, powerful words.

Carolyn is a born-and-bred Texas girl; mother of two grown sons, and new grandmother. She can't remember when she started writing, but is sure it must have been many, many years ago. She has rediscovered the fun of writing for an audience, thanks to this group of writing friends. She works as an instructional coach at an elementary school, and loves introducing teachers and students to their inner authors.

Esmeralda was Texas born, raised in the beautiful Colorado Springs, CO, but rushed back to Texas as fast as she could.  She is the mother of two pretty terrific children which keep her constantly on the go.  Currently, she works as a dual language third grade teacher, and is completing her work for her Master's in School Counseling.  She has been a writer since she was in elementary school, often writing stories to entertain her siblings.  Her ultimate goal is to become a published author one day.  In the meantime, she journals to keep her sanity, and attempts to teach her third graders how to find their voice through writing.

Susan was born in Iran, educated in the US and left her heart in Venezuela. Currently, she lives in Texas and works as an instructional coach in a English/Spanish dual language program.  She started writing stories when she was in fourth grade and would love to one day publish her work for children.  Meanwhile, she works on practicing what she preaches about writing to understand writers.