Thursday, April 19, 2012

Living Legacies by Andrea

I heard it said that everyday, everywhere we go, we will make an impact.  It is up to us as to whether the impact is positive or negative.  Nowhere is this truth more obvious than in our families, with our children.

I have had several encounters lately that call me to consider what kind of legacy I am leaving behind.  The word legacy conjures up images of good things in my mind.  But what is left, as a spiritual, emotional and social inheritance, may not always be positive.  Negative legacies can actually be destructive. There are many people walking around today who have been left an endowment of pain, confusion and emptiness.

I have to believe that most people do not plan to leave their offspring with scars that can ruin lives for generations, but it happens.  Maybe because time was not taken to consider the question:

What am I giving to my children by how I am living today?


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