Thursday, March 6, 2014

Write about... by Andrea

I write about my faith because it is the love and grace of God that are at the essence of my existence.  Without faith, I simply would not be. I have known years without a faith that is living and active. I know how dark life can be when there is no hope of redemption.  I write about faith because in doing so, I stave off forces that would challenge me to lose mine.  And maybe I will help others to find theirs.

I write about dreams and goals because they give a backdrop to the minutiae.  I can keep moving forward when I have an idea of where I am going.  The future is a scary place to travel because I do not know what’s there. Dreams and goals shine a little light ahead as I walk along the path to the great unknown.

I write about the past because it is my teacher.  I find out who I have been and who I might be by looking back. I do not linger there too long, just enough time to glean insight for the present and hope for the future.

I write about fear because it cannot thrive in the light.  Fear grows in darkness, hidden away as a secret shame.  So I write to expose it to the full light of humanity and God.  The antidote to fear is openness and vulnerability.  These two super-charged, high voltage lamps guide me toward faith. And faith renders fear powerless over my life.

I write about my joys because in them I find strength for today- to tackle the next hard thing with tenacity and a good attitude.  Simple joys, recognized with gratitude, fill my cup. 

I write about my family because they make life meaningful.  I cannot imagine going through this fractal, my life, without them by my side.  They are my cheerleaders and role models, truth-tellers and confidantes, my backbone and my funny- bone.   They are my bliss.

I write about life because it is all I’ve got.  I have never been any good at fiction.  Like all writers, professional and practicing, I write about what I know about, what I care about and what I love.  And all of these are found in the pages of my every day, ordinary life.  

I write about writing, well, because this is a writing blog.  Really, it is good for me to collect my thoughts and understanding on a tool that has shaped every era of humankind since the beginning of recorded time.  It is the means through which we have recorded time, right?  If I wish to record my time on this planet, I have to spend some of it reflecting on this craft: who, what, when, and most importantly, why.  

I write in the hopes that I will see the beasts and the beauty of my days.
And in doing so, writing and sharing, maybe you will see and write about the blessings in yours, too. 

For the love of writing,


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