Thursday, May 21, 2015

Another Milestone

My son just graduated from college. I want to say that now I am the mother of a grown man, but I realize he has been an old man and a little boy, all at once, since the day he was born.  He looked like an old man when he first arrived but soon turned into this chubby cheeked, roly-poly baby.  He had an “office” at three, which by his own account was very well equipped, but had to work real hard on keeping his pants dry.  He wanted to get married to the first pretty girl he met at preschool but then scratched her face when she wouldn’t let him kiss her.  He won over the grumpy middle school teachers by walking up to them, shaking their hands and saying hello, even though he was sent to detention for running in the hallways.  He got his first job at twelve, but took forever to agree to hold the fork and knife in the “correct” hands.  I count on his old man wisdom more than he knows. And I hope the little boy that lives inside him keeps him happy and joyful forever.  

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