Tuesday, May 17, 2016

So Far by Kevin, Guest Writer

So far in my life I have taken somewhere around 550,624,000 breaths.  Some of them were short and fearful--like when my sixth grade teacher showed me the book I thought I had lost, and asked me for the book I stole to replace it.  Others were long and luxurious--like deeply breathing in tropical sea air perfumed with the scent of the lei of flowers around my neck, and thinking Hawaii and Heaven just might be the same place.  There have been quick gasps of delight and of pain, long drawn calming breaths and even choking sobs that refused to stay in my lungs.
So far I have breathed the joy of getting my first car, of walking across stages at graduations, and across an altar as my beautiful bride came down the aisle to me.  My breath has caught in my throat waiting for the first newborn cries of my children.  It has stuck there saying final goodbyes to my parents.
I’m grateful for every one of them. However, with each breath I have come closer to the realization that our attitudes, our feelings, our moods and personalities are largely a product of how we choose to exhale.
In times of joy and contentment it is easy to exhale kindness, patience, and affection.  But in times of conflict and strife, it is much easier to blow out hatefulness.  So herein lies the real question, my friends.  Are you going to breathe in anger and bitterness only to spew out ugliness and hurt?  Or are you going to breath it in and transform it into grace, hope, and love?  From this breath on, you do have a choice!
How have you been breathing so far?  

Kevin L. Williams is a child of God, the husband of Angie, and the father of Emilee, Grant, and Gabe.  He is a facilitator of learning for phenomenal 5th graders at Reed Elementary.  


  1. Thank you, Kevin! Your words are the perfect fit for this space where we try to find and give encouragement to each other to be a force for the positive.

  2. Fabulous words, vital message. Thanks, Kevin. This is a keeper.

  3. Wow-breathtaking. Thanks for the read.

  4. Love! Miss your words of wisdom and insight!